Rachelle King


2017 Here Is To GREAT THINGS

Welcome, 2017! As I reflect on last year, it had its ups and downs, but I loved it all. When I thought I could not continue, I did.  I'm proud of the journey I'm on, and in 2017 I plan on sharing more on my website plus keep writing my first book.

I continue to learn more about myself and grow from all of it. I know my journey is long and life will always give me a chance to transform. With a new year, a new day and new hope. I reflect on how 'we' may forget the pure pleasure of life.

I just traveled with my two boys and that time was the best.  Sharing and making memories is the absolute joy of living.  Sometimes it's the less glamorous things that make a trip.  My youngest son ended up getting sick, (including vomiting.)   However, as a family, we slowed down to include him.  We slept, relaxed and spent time at the resort. Once he felt better; we continued our week at Disney World.  It's the simple things that help us grow; it's also how we react to situations that create the better outcomes.

I am still learning, and working on patience and compassion. Discovering that not everyone will move at my speed, as we are all created to take our personal journey at our pace. Be kind to each other as it is how you will be remembered.

Cheers to 2017.