Rachelle King


Glass Is Full - Not Half for Me!

When I think of how I chose to live my life it's with the glass overflowing, not even half empty.   I often wonder why some people focus on the negative aspects of their lives. We all have some negativity but it if you pick through it and dispose of it, your glass can overflow too.  We all have a choice.   Each day is a new day.  I have chosen to be happy, gratified, and ready to explore new adventures.

My business provides me the opportunity for those experiences. Being a hairdresser leads to an endless opportunity.  For me, it has opened-up doors to explore the world.  I have gone from doing hair in a salon to getting a chance to do hair on a cruise ship.  Not only do I style hair, but I also instruct as I get to share my passion in various ways and learn from others in exciting new places along the way.