Rachelle King


Be Good To Yourself

Be good to yourself – Not Just today but every day.  Take the time to read (or listen to a book.)  Self-indulge yourself with learning.  Learning is a way to cleanse your mind and rid yourselves of all the garbage that you absorb through the media.

 Be good to yourself -eat nutritionally.  Find the foods that suit your mood and personality that will provide you a healthier lifestyle.  If an apple a day keeps the doctor away; start each day with a nice crisp, juicy apple. 

 If you want to rid yourself of wrinkles, consider eating strawberries or any berries; they help with collagen from the inside out.

 Be good to yourself – exercise.  Talk a walk, or run or jog if you like.  Dancing is excellent and socially fun, or Yoga for stretching and breathing does wonders for cardiovascular health as well as relaxation.

 Be good to yourself – take time for YOU – it’s called ME Time.  And the next time you say you’re busy, it’s because you’re living life like me!